Data Policy for FAIR Island Project nearing completion

by | Mar 17, 2021 | News

Our first focus area of the FAIR Island Project centered on establishing a FAIR-compliant Data Policy. In our initial phase, our primary goal is to finalize a draft data policy necessary to create an environment where all data and knowledge collected on Tetiaroa is curated and made openly available as quickly as possible. The draft policy is here

In December, we shared a draft with the 4Site Data Working Group as a first step of moving toward a common, optimal data policy. In January, we shared this policy with early adopter researchers on Tetiaroa and got their feedback. In February, the policy and project were shared again at the GOFAIR-US WIPS and CHIPS webinar (slides). 

The result is a more understandable document which included a simplified overview: 

In return for the support and access to Tetiaroa provided by Tetiaroa Society, participants in research projects agree to make their metadata and prepublication data available to each other through a “Tetiaroa Data Trust” (TDT) that facilitates data re-use according to mutually agreed terms and a code of conduct. The TDT is maintained by Tetiaroa Society to support decision-making for wise and equitable stewardship of the atoll. The TDT follows FAIR+CARE data principles and is distributed across repositories that meet global standards in research data stewardship. This policy does not impose legally-binding conditions nor replace or impinge on legal obligations that might apply elsewhere.

TL;DR Introduction to Tetiaroa Data Policy

As a next step towards adoption beyond Tetiaroa, we have also created a draft of a generic place-based data policy and are beginning a second round of feedback gathering on that, as well.  If you have ideas or resources or are interested in adopting this policy for your location, please use this form

In the Community 

At the end of 2020, the FAIR Island Project presented at RDA VP16, the European Marine Board. In January, the DMPTool also participated in PIDapalooza, presenting on a collaboration with DataCite that demonstrates the fundamental role of identifiers in building the new networked DMP that the FAIR Island Project will be utilizing. 

Next Steps 

We are working to have the FAIR Island data policy approved by the Tetiaroa Society (TS) and put into operation with researchers doing field work on the island. We are also working to integrate the policy with the DMPTool and to provide example machine-actionable DMPs for a few sample projects focused on rat eradication and mosquito eradication.   

As part of our community engagement strategy, we want to hear from the broader community. We are looking forward to a birds of a feather (BoF) session at RDA VP17 on Place-Based Data Management. The session has not been scheduled, but will be sometime between April 20-23, 2021. We hope that one outcome from this BoF is a Place-Based Data Management Interest Group to identify others who are interested in contributing to and adopting the outputs of FAIR Island like the data policy. 

Stay tuned for more details and ways to contribute!