Tetiaroa Ecostation

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aerial view of tetiaroa atoll

Building on the Island Digital Ecosystem Avatars (IDEA) Consortium (see Davies et al. 2016), the FAIR Island’s ‘Tetiaroa Project’ leverages collaboration between the University of California Gump Station, located on Moorea in French Polynesia, and Tetiaroa Society, a non-profit organization that operates a newly established field station located on the atoll of Tetiaroa, a short distance from Moorea and Tahiti. Tetiaroa Society is the atoll’s environmental steward and hosts a diverse community of visiting scientists carrying out basic and applied research guided by its international Scientific Advisory Board.

Site Updates:

  • FAIRsFAIR Review of Tetiaroa Data Policy
    The FAIR Island Project participated in the FAIRsFAIR Policy Enhancement Support Programme in the first part of 2021 sharing the draft Tetiaroa Data Policy. The Policy Support Programme was an open call for policy enhancement support launched in late 2020. The call invited expressions of interest from policy makers at all levels to work with… Read More »Tetiaroa Ecostation
  • Tetiaroa Society ROR
    We are very excited that the Tetiaroa Society application for a ROR was approved! ROR stands for Research Organization Registry and RORs are organizational identifiers. The Tetiaroa Society ROR is https://ror.org/04p8xrf95 The Tetiaroa Society ROR was in the first independent release for ROR, which is a major milestone that we are happy to be part… Read More »Tetiaroa Ecostation
  • DMPTool/RAMS Integration
    One key integration for field stations is the link between the UC Natural Reserve System (UCNRS) Registration and Application Management System (RAMS),and the DMPTool. The Tetiaroa Ecostation and the Gump Field Station both user RAMS to track applications – project level requests to come to the field stations and reservations – visits linked to applications.… Read More »Tetiaroa Ecostation

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